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Cinedeck unveils its plans for 2021

Image: Cinedeck.
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Image: Cinedeck.

Cinedeck has laid out its announcements for the year, which include the new Cinedeck LX NDI-SRT IP recorder. It also provided information about updates to cineXtools and Cinedeck as they both move to version 2.0. Let's dive in.

Cinedeck LX NDI-SRT IP Recorder and Cinedeck 2.0

The company will be releasing new hardware in the form of the Cinedeck LX NDI-SRT IP recorder in late February 2021, and it's powered by Cinedeck 2.0. There is a new user interface to streamline recording, especially with multi-camera setups.

Cinedeck promises a plug-and-play system, giving you everything you'll need to get started. The new recorder supports H.265, H.264, ProRes, DNx, Dante Audio, and more formats. 

In addition, you'll be able to control it from anywhere with Cinedeck 2.0, there's support for NDI and SRT, drag and drop file names and formats, streaming capabilities, and many other new and enhanced features. Check out the Cinedeck LX page for more details.

Cinedeck LX NDI-SRT IP RecorderCinedeck LX NDI-SRT IP Recorder. Image: Cinedeck.

cineXtools 2.0

Cinedeck's other app, cineXtools, is getting a 2.0 upgrade and user interface makeover, giving it more tools and NLE-style functions. They aren't revealing too many more details about the new version, except it will still feature trim and extend, audio insert, captions editing, and more. 

A beta will launch in May 2021, so keep an eye on the cineXtools page at Cinedeck's site.

If you are a long-time Cinedeck user, the new hardware and software upgrades promise to improve workflows. It will be interesting to see the evolution of cineXtools when the beta arrives in May.

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