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Backlight intros ftrack Studio and Adobe Photoshop integration

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A new framework enables simpler, smoother integrations for ftrack, with Adobe Photoshop first out of the gate and upcoming integrations with Autodesk Maya and The Foundry’s Nuke to come.

Backlight arrives in Vegas with a new integration between its Academy Award-winning collaboration platform, ftrack Studio, and Adobe Photoshop. This enhancement is powered by the improved ftrack Framework, enabling users to more tightly intertwine their creative workflows in Photoshop with the overall project plan being guided towards completion in ftrack Studio.

If you’re not familiar with it, ftrack Studio is a collaboration solution designed for teams working on complex, high-volume projects. Via secure, cloud-based project management, it offers a unified space for teams to manage tasks, review media, and oversee workflows.

The integration with Photoshop allows users to access ftrack’s various project management capabilities from a panel within the Adobe software to help accelerate review and collaboration, while ftrack Studio can also now track various aspects of the Photoshop files and projects.

ftrack Studio has offered an Adobe Photoshop integration for some time, but with its new Framework, the integration is more adaptable, flexible, and powerful. Backlight says that what makes this framework particularly powerful is its adaptability and its capacity to be customized to meet specific pipeline requirements. Whether Adobe Photoshop users are looking to export assets from Photoshop to another tool or import data for use within Photoshop, the framework can be tailored to facilitate these processes, providing a personalized experience that boosts efficiency and creativity (albeit that will require some python programming knowledge to get off the ground).

And, alongside the Photoshop integration, Backlight has also announced upcoming integrations with Autodesk Maya and The Foundry’s Nuke. No word yet on when they will be available, nor if the Photoshop integration is the start of more things to come with Adobe, but any tools that help users do more with what they have in front of them is always welcome.

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