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Alteon’s iPad app adds support for offline/online editing workflows

Truly mobile and seamless editing workflows are getting closer all the time
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Truly mobile and seamless editing workflows are getting closer all the time

The latest enhancement to the alteon.io platform further connects collaborative Final Cut Pro workflows across iPad and macOS.

With Apple launching Final Cut Pro for iPad earlier this year, Alteon’s iPad app is now helping bridge the gap between the iPad and macOS versions of the NLE. The latest version, announced today, supports offline/online editing workflows and automatically generates proxies that sync with raw footage in the cloud.

The workflow goes like this. When uploaded to Alteon, media files are natively transcoded into H.265 MP4 proxy files. Editors on iPad can download those proxies for offline editing using Final Cut Pro for iPad, allowing them to edit more footage from different devices. When the project is ready for online conform, the editor can hand off the project to Final Cut Pro on their desktop, which can access the original raw files. From there, all media is relinked, and proxy content is discarded for further collaboration in Alteon or can be exported for distribution.

Once media files are in Alteon, those with access to the project can review footage, share password-protected viewing links, and add searchable meta tags for better media organization. The platform also allows for smoother review-and-approval using SMPTE time-stamped comments — functionality also upgraded today, increasing the platform’s collaborative power — so conversations between team members can happen with precision and transparency.

“The creative industry is at a point where modern technology is revolutionizing everyday workflows for mainstream creators,” says Matt Cimaglia, co-founder and CEO of Alteon. “Our goal is to provide creators with an ecosystem to effortlessly collaborate, streamline their workflows, and unleash their creative potential without the friction of single-purpose apps. We are excited to see how the Alteon iPad app will empower creatives to tell their stories in new and innovative ways.”

Alteon for iPad is an enhanced version of the company’s mobile app, which was released for iPhone in March. Users can upload and download media directly between their device and Alteon on either device.

“One of our goals at Alteon is to enable creators to express themselves wherever they are and whenever they want,” said Brian Meaney, Head of Product at Alteon. “Using a mobile device like iPad to download your media quickly as a proxy is just one more way we can achieve that flexibility and empower our community. In combination with applications such as Final Cut Pro for iPad, Alteon is opening up new ways for users to create better content.”

It’s good timing for the company, with one week before the FCP Creative Summit at Apple Park in Cupertino.

The Alteon app is now available for download on the App Store. Memberships cost $12/month and provide the ability to share and join projects, purchase additional storage, and save money on housing assets by transferring them to lower-cost archive storage.

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