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Alteon.io boosts iPhone camera-to-cloud workflows with new app

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Using Alteon.io, users shooting on iPhone can now upload high-res media directly to a central cloud hub for collaboration.

Alteon.io has released a new iPhone app, that creates a direct link between the iPhone camera and Alteon’s cloud-based content-management system. 

After downloading the app, Alteon users can send footage from their iOS device directly to their Alteon Cloud account for secure storage and collaboration. Once the files are uploaded in the background, remote team members —  video editors spring to mind — can immediately begin working on the content. Alteon Cloud automatically transcodes all video files, and, even better, users can very useful integrate the platform straight into Final Cut Pro using Alteon’s workflow extension

Alteon says the resulting workflow requires no special IT setup or maintenance, making it an ideal solution for companies seeking more efficient cost-saving measures on their digital asset management, as well as independent creators looking to take the next step. 

After content is uploaded to Alteon, creators can select files and folders to add custom, searchable meta tags; leave color-coded, time-stamped comments on video or audio files; share files and projects with anyone in the world; send secure screener links with optional password protection and expiration dates; and move finished projects into lower-cost storage tiers to save money. 

“Influencers and independent content creators are shooting increasingly high-quality content on cutting-edge smartphones,” said Matt Cimaglia, CEO of Alteon. “We wanted to create the kind of infrastructure that matched their talent and drive, simplifying their workflows and continuing to democratize the creative industry.” 

The Alteon.io app is now available for free on the App Store. Free accounts give users 10GB of storage and access to Alteon’s full suite of extensions and products, including its NLE integrations. Paid accounts start at $12/month and unlock the ability to share and join projects, purchase additional terabytes of storage and save money on lower-cost storage tiers. 

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