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Alteon.io @ NAB 2023: expanding the ecosystem

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So, you've just shot some footage on your iPhone. What do you do with it next? Matt Cimaglia, CEO and co-founder of Alteon.io has the answer.

A big part of the Aleton.io story at NAB Show 2023 centered around its recently released iPhone app which extends the Alteon.io ecosystem into iOS territory for the first time. For the vast amount of content creators that are using iPhones either as their main method of capture or as a b-camera, this is incredibly useful; simply upload material natively into the cloud directly from the phone where it hits the company's proprietary transcoder.

"This means that you're not limited to just your workstation, having to read those mp4s late at night after a shoot and then trying to send it out to your producer that needs access to it," explains Cimaglia. "By having access to all that content and transcoding into the cloud you're horizontally scaling that application. It's no longer a linear process." 

With integrations already with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro - and DaVinci Resolve to come later this year - as well as an expansion to add ProRes RAW to its existing BRAW capabilities, it's some mightily cool and extremely useful tech. Watch the video to find out more.



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