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Adobe @ NAB 2023: Taking the booth tour & a focus on Premiere Pro

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Video: Adobe's booth at NABShow 2023 was both larger and more intimate than before with a real focus on engagement, while the new AI Sensei tools in Premiere Pro look like really speeding things up for editors.

More on Premiere Pro and it's new killer app text-based editing in a second, but let's start with Paul Saccone, Senior Director at Adobe, who takes us on a fairly whistle stop tour of the Adobe booth at this year's show.

"Our booth layout is really different this year," he says. "Instead of having a big theatre we have all these mini theatres and demo stations and it's designed to bring the community together so we can have more one-on-one conversations and engage with our customers, because that's why we're here; we're here for you."

And that means here for everything else too, from an expansion of Frame.io to include still image and pdf document workflows, to motion design, to collaborative editing, and more.

"The booth is about a third larger than it was last year. We're super excited, the energy is just great, and the booth is packed," he concludes. You can see what he means below.


One thing that we've not covered in video yet in our NABShow 2023 coverage is some of the new detail in Adobe Premiere Pro, especially text-based editing. "If you know how to edit in Word, you can edit in Adobe Premiere using text-based editing," says Senior Product Manager, Francis Crossmann, before giving us a quick demo. It's neat stuff and well worth a look too as it's going to speed up a lot of things for a lot of people.


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