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Adobe After Effects @ NAB Show 2023: Demoing the new Properties Panel

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Video: Victoria Nece, Principal Project Manager for Motion Graphics at Adobe, takes us through the new Properties Panel and other features for both new and experienced After Effects users.

"We're really excited to be introducing the properties panel, which was one of the things we're doing to celebrate 30 years of After Effects," says Victoria Nece, Principal Project Manager for Motion Graphics at Adobe. "It's amazing to believe After Effects is 30! But we really want to make it welcoming and accessible for the next generation motion designers.

"The Properties Panel is going to give us a really great way for anyone coming from Photoshop, Illustrator and any kind of design tools, anyone coming into the app they're gonna have a panel right there that's going to show them what's possible. How do you use the app? Just click on it shows you what you can do. It's one of the easiest things we've ever had for demoing because it's kind of demos itself.

"We're also talking about Open Colour IO and really making it easier to interoperate with other tools in your VFX animation pipeline," she continues. "And so we're looking at both new users coming in and making things faster and smoother for most experienced users. So I think with that, we're gonna do a little demo..."

And that's just what happens. Have a look at the video below:


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