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Zhiyun introduces WEEBILL 3E lightweight gimbal

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The new WEEBILL 3E gimbal has been designed with portability very much in mind.

With a light version weighing only 990g (2.18lb - the standard version is 1050g), the new WEEBILL 3E from Zhiyun adds a definite lightweight edge to a compactness that lets users fold it into the profile of an A4 sheet of paper.

It offers two useful shooting modes. Native Vertical Shooting lets users switch between landscape and portrait orientations without the need for additional accessories, making it perfect for capturing content for social media and other vertical platforms. Sling Mode 2.5 can be used with an attachable wrist rest and adjustable sling grip, reducing strain by over 40% while maintaining stability even at extreme low angles.

Zhiyun says its stabilization algorithms deliver ‘buttery smooth footage’, even when capturing dynamic shots with full-frame cameras, and robust motors to cope with the twists and turns. 


The unit features customizable controls, with the trigger button and adjustment wheel allowing for personalized control over camera settings and shooting modes. Users can navigate settings and monitor status via the integrated OLED display, conveniently switching languages and accessing professional capture modes such as motion lapse/hyperlapse.

The built-in 2600mAh battery provides up to 16 hours of operating time on a single charge. Pricing is set at $249 and availably is immediate.

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