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While you wait for a Sony BURANO you can at least simulate its menu system

The closest you can get to the real thing for the moment at least...
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The closest you can get to the real thing for the moment at least...

The $25,000 Sony BURANO might be delayed, but at least those waiting for it can get a head start on its operation with the BURANO Camera Simulator.

The Sony BURANO was meant to be released on February 9, but, as you're no doubt aware, the eagerly anticipated camera has been delayed while something is tweaked in the factory. Information on exactly what the issue is is annoyingly scarce. But when we contacted Sony about the delay, it replied that the first units of the camera should be shipping (in Europe at least) by the end of February.

In the meantime, the company has issued the BURANO Camera Simulator, which will allow eager buyers to get to grips with the operation of the camera while they wait for the unboxing.

Based on the Ver.1.0 firmware that, presumably,  the camera will ship with, the simulator is browser-based and runs in Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox. Users can do all the usual things: navigate through menus and adjust camera settings using the touchscreen controls, LCD buttons, and even the (virtual) physical buttons on the camera.

Sony does offer the brief caveat that "The Simulator is designed for evaluation purposes only, and we cannot guarantee its accuracy in all possible scenarios. Please use at your own risk." But we haven't found a way to break it yet, so you should be okay.

And as soon as we get an update from Sony regarding the BURANO's worldwide shipping dates, we'll let you know.

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