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VEGAS Pro 20 spring 2023 update

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The team behind VEGAS Pro 20 haven’t stopped, and have released another update to the NLE, just months after their winter release.

This one focuses on AI and smart masks, Mocha integration, and other enhancements to improve workflows. Here's the list.

  • Creating multiple masks with AI in the Smart Mask function is precise and easy. The big benefit is creating multiple masks in a single shot.
  • Also in the Smart Mask feature is a depth-based model to generate more accurate masks, saving plenty of time and manual work.
  • Mocha shape data support via the Mocha Planar Tracking feature, letting editors and VFX artists to track the shape of an object. The data is added to VEGAS’ Motion Tracking workflow and the Bezier Masking plugin.
  • Improved RAW processing by selecting the hardware to process footage. For example, if you’re using multiple GPUs, you can select them to process RAW clips faster and more efficiently. There is also an option to process with CUDA through NVIDIA’s GPU APIs.
  • Create sharper upscales when taking lower resolution footage to higher. For example, HD to 4K.
  • Transfer text properties from one text event to multiple ones.


All of these new features and enhancements are great for editors and VFX artists alike. Anything that can streamline, improve, and speed up post-production workflows is always welcomed.

One of the more interesting new features includes using AI to create multiple masks, because how much time has an editor spent trying to create masks for different things in a shot? Let AI create it precisely while you work on something else. The support of Mocha Planar Tracking is also important.

Also, the RAW processing option is great if you're running more than one GPU, allowing VEGAS Pro to evenly distribute the work, which gets you to the edit faster.

If you’re a current user of VEGAS Pro 20 or a subscriber to VEGAS 365, this update is free. 

Check out the VEGAS Pro site for more details on the new update along with the full VEGAS Pro lineup and pricing. 

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