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Vū @ NAB 2023: An Unreal experience

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Video: One of the more interactive and entertaining displays at NABShow 2023 came from virtual production specialists Vū.

One of the more entertaining displays at NABShow 2023 was sited in the lobby and featured a Vū-branded lightcycle in front of a compact LED wall. Users got to pick a background, a camera move from a Mark Roberts Motion Control Bolt X camera arm, and then got to walk away with a video of themselves they could share on social media. There was even a wind machine pointing at them for that essential 'tousled while riding at stupid speeds without a helmet' look.

Called the Unreal Engine Ride the display was conceived to showcase the power of Unreal Engine and was, concluded Daniel Mallek, Director of Content and Innovation at Vú, also a fun and exciting and practical application showing how virtual production works.

The number of partner companies that Mallek namechecks in the video below is impressive, highlighting how many companies are both necessary to make a modern virtual production environment work smoothly and are also interested in getting involved. Its new software platform, Virtual Studio by Vū, is popissibly the current apex of that approach too, bringing together custom tools and partner software to create what he says "Is a virtual production tool for everyone, whether you have a $10 million studio or a $10 budget."

Have a look below.


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