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Tiffen intros new 39mm filter size

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Tiffen is reacting to an increasing profusion of lenses with 39mm lens fronts for cameras from the likes of Leica and Fujifilm with new 39mm round filter sizes.
First out of the gate in the new smaller form factor lineup is Tiffen’s Black Pro-Mist, which has long been a staple with digital cameras due to a delicate control of highlight flares for a soft light pastel effect. It is offered in strengths of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1, and 2, for an MSRP of $65.00.

Like all of the Tiffen range the filter is made from made from optical glass with a waterproof and scratch-proof multi-coating, all of which reduces reflection while maintaining clarity and colour fidelity.

Also available at launch is a round 39mm UV Protector filter at $10.99 and a Circular Polarizer at $20.00 MSRP. Most Tiffen filter varieties can be made to order for the new format upon request

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