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The inside track on AI from Adobe

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Dave Shapton talks about the future of AI with Paul Saccone, Senior Director at Adobe.

Paul Saccone is Senior Director at Adobe, and our Dave Shapton caught up with him during Day One at the show. Paul is the guy who came up with the name ProRes for, well,  ProRes, but as well as stellar naming chops, he’s also been one of the people guiding Adobe’s AI rollout.

As such, he’s possibly one of the most influential people working in the current industry, and listening to him speak is a perfect way to spend 10 minutes of your time.

“When we look at the work of a video editor, you know, you got to get footage in, and then you’ve got to organise that footage and arrange it in a timeline to tell a story. And the hardest part of that is actually finding the best shots, right? So imagine what we could do if AI could help us identify all the shots of the day, or all the shots of Paul, or all the medium shots, or the close-up shots. 

“We've now got speech-to-text to text-based editing, which can actually analyse what I'm saying and create a transcript, and then we can just cut and paste sentences to create a rough cut. So, you start to look at how these technologies can be combined. And you think, well, if I have a script, or if I have multiple cameras shooting, it can figure out which lines were said in which order, and it maybe constructs a rough cut for you or helps me get started by identifying, you know, the best takes or the best clips so that I can spend more time crafting a story and less time searching and sifting through video.”

Have a look:


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