22 Mar 2013

The Nikon V1 does 4K video. But only a second at a time. Featured

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This is a 4K camcorder This is a 4K camcorder Nikon/RedShark


Nice pictures

Subjectively, the pictures look very nice, and it occurs to me once again that a good reason for shooting 4K may be simply to produce better HD output. I’m sure that the Nikon v1 is a fine stills camera, and I can see people shooting these one-second bursts of 4K in order to have the option to extract the best stills later – which is presumably Nikon’s intention. Mainly, though, I think this camera is interesting to filmmakers as a technical demonstration and a hint at things to come. Given the commercial availability of this kind of sensor technology, NAB may well be interesting.


Phil Rhodes

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