Spectacular Iceland footage gives us a feel for what 4K will look like at HD resolutions

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Eric HinesSpectacular Iceland footage gives us a feel for what 4K will look like at HD resolutions

Have a look at this lovely time-lapse filmed in Iceland recently. One of the most unspoiled and spectacular landscapes on Earth, Iceland is a dream for filmmakers

No wonder it is starting to look familiar, as it will to anyone that has seen Prometheus or a dozen other feature films that have called for a rugged and alien-looking landscape.

Captured by photographer Eric Hines, this is best watched having downloaded the footage - and for some reason, we couldn't make it play completely smoothly even on an i7 Macbook Retina. But it's worth persevering.

This is one of the sharpest, most detailed films we've ever seen on Vimeo, and the reason, we presume, is because this was shot as a sequence of full-frame stills. The resulting video is therefore down-sampled from every pixel in the frame, a much better process than "line skipping" or whatever technique results in the familiarly soft look from DSLR footage. If shooting with 4K cameras gives us an image that's this sharp in HD - then that alone justifies using them.

We understand that the equally sharp looking sequence of the Icelandic horses in the middle of the film was shot in real-time courtesy of Magic Lantern raw.

Eric says that he spent 17 days making this and drive 4,000 miles, sleeping in the back of his SUV. Full credits and video on the next page.


Special thanks to Kessler Crane for providing me with the motion control equipment used in the making of this video. All motion was done using the Kessler Crane CineDrive.


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