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Apple will probably go 4k with new television

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AppleApple goes 4k with new television

As predicted by Red Shark as early as last October, it looks as though Apple's forthcoming Apple Television will indeed include 4k capability. Kate Large reports

As-yet unconfirmed by Apple itself, the rumour tracks back to DigiTimes, which in turn cites supply chain sources for its news. DigiTimes reckons that the set, possibly to be dubbed the 'iTV,' will feature a 3840 x 2160p pixel display as well as voice and motion controls and internet connectivity.

According to the sources, Apple had been discussing the mass production of UHDTVs for 'quite some time,' but had yet to locate a reliable panel supplier. It is currently expected that the set will feature either 55in or 65in panels, with LG and Sharp both currently being tipped as possible suppliers. Apple envisions its iTV as a central entertainment hub, working seamlessly with all other MacOS and iOS devices in the home.

4k content is not yet widely available for the small screen, but Apple has the luxury of being able to mine iTunes for likely material. Apple's 4K iTV is expected to launch next

year, with an outside chance that Apple may rush it through by the year's end to catch the Christmas market. No price point is yet being estimated, but it's likely to be 'aspirational'.

Kate Large

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