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CGI brings back the dead

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CGI brings back the dead

Although it is always based on strict scientific principles, sometimes - and more and more often - CGI does something that seems miraculous

And because of that, it's starting to move into territory where it raises ethical and moral questions, as well as the usual aesthetic ones.
Here's a case in point. It's a rather remarkable CGI resurrection of Bruce Lee, who died 40 years ago. He was known to be a non-drinker, and yet the sponsor of this advert is Jonnie Walker, the well-known whisky brewer.
The ethical dilemmas are explained well in this piece from the Jing Daily ("The Business of luxury and Culture in China").
Meanwhile, here's the video, so that you can make your own mind up.




And when you've finished, have a look at this attempt to resurrect Audrey Hepburn in order to advertise chocolate. (However questionable the ethics behind this, we do think it's a pretty good effort!)



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