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Using Pro Cameras in Drone Photography

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Perspective AerialsUsing Pro Cameras in Drone Photography

Almost without anyone noticing it, the lifting power of multi-rotor Drones has elevated to the point where they can carry heavy, professional cameras

Which means that there is now nowhere that you can't position a RED EPIC or a Sony F55, or a Canon EOS 1dc.

While most people, including me, find the idea that you might turn over in bed at any point and find a 4K surveillence camera peeking through the window pretty alarming, there's no such discomfort at the thought of movie cameras being used to make stunning, previously unobtainable footage.

Below is the aerial photography showreel from Perspective Aerials, followed by a "Making Of" video. You can see that the art of drone filming is progressing to the point they're not afraid to try out complex, difficult indoor shots.

We think they were pretty brave risking dunking a RED EPIC into the water in those swimming shots!



Making Of video:


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