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Storage and I/O spotlight

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G-Tech/RedSharkStorage and I/O spotlight

RedShark puts the focus on Storage and I/O

July is Storage and I/O month in RedShark. It's the first of an ongoing series of spotlights on specific areas of video and production through detailed articles and product reviews that we think will shed some light on the current state of the art.

Storage isn't perhaps the most exciting topic, but it is essential to almost everything we do. Cameras need it, and so to workstations. And the way we connect it to our devices is important too.

A few years ago I/O would have been a huge topic too. But things have changed, and while it's still pretty essential in live production, file-based workflows have shifted the emphasis away from "signal" formats towards file formats. But we're still going to look at the best ways to get video and audio to and from your computers.

More coming up

There's much more coming up too. We'll have spotlights on External Recorders (some people call them Field Recorders), animation and compositing, colour correction, digital cinema cameras and ENG cameras. There will be a 4K focus, and we'll have a special on professional audio as well.

Meanwhile, all our coverage will continue as normal. Our Spotlights are in addition to our normal stuff.

If you have any ideas for future spotlights - please let us know.

One more thing: just because we're doing a Storage and I/O spotlight now, doesn't mean we won't do it again in the future - we'll keep coming back to these topics as often as we need to.

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