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Movies in ColourMovies in Colour

This is something the world doesn't really "need" but is a little bit nicer because it's there is a site dedicated to analysing the colour make-up of movies. It's something that film directors and DOPs have always been aware of (since movies were made in colour, anyway) but which has a much higher profile now that so many more filmmakers - at all levels - are experimenting with grading and colour "Looks".


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The Look of a film can have a big influence on how you feel about it. It can be sunny and filled with optimism, or dark and gloomy and portentous. Or it can be bright and sunny to make you think that everything's perfect so that you don't expect the surprise horror ending.

Either way, colour is fundamental to the feel of a film, and this site shows you the predominant colour pallets for many of the great movies that you can think of.

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