This is the future of video, possibly.

Written by David Shapton

MonkeyLectricThe future of video is the Bicycle

Although we're pretty impressed with 4K, we're absolutely certain that this is the future of television. The resolution is lower, and it's a bit… circular, but there's no doubt that this is how we'll all be watching Netflix in the future

How does it work?

Each wheel is fitted with four electronic "Spokes" equipped with a strip of 256 colour LEDs. As the wheels rotate, the system plays a video. As soon as the spokes spin fast enough, our vision's "persistence" makes the paths traced by the LEDs merge together to give a complete picture.

The spokes have rotation-sensors that tell the system where in space each LED is at a given time, so it is able to allocate exactly the right pixel at the right moment, giving a stable picture.

We've looked at similar technology in RedShark here.

Bicycle video technology startup MonkeyLectric are raising money to build the Pro version of their spinning, spoked displays.

Good luck with the Kickstarter campaign, guys!



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