Live Production and Streaming for Video Makers - Berlin, Tuesday June 25th 6:30PM

Written by David Shapton

RedShark LtdRedShark Connect Berlin 2019

LIVE IN BERLIN: Live Production and Streaming for video makers,Thursday June 25th | 6.30pm - 9.30pm CEST

The Venue Berlin, Mehringdamm 33  10961 Berlin

RedShark Connect is hosting another fantastic event for anyone involved in Live Production for Streaming. This time it's in Europe's most energetic technology hub: Berlin. Do come and join us if you're local, but if you're not, remember, Berlin is easy to get to and hotels are cheap.

Come and join us for a completely free and rare chance to mix with streaming production experts, manufacturers and fellow video professionals.

Live streaming is booming

Live streaming is booming. It's hardly surprising - because now you can stream live to the entire globe (or just across the city!) for very little cost, and it's an extremely powerful communications tool. Everyone can do it. It's a brand new medium, but with a lot that's familiar about it.

What's familiar is that you need content. You probably know how to make that: how to shoot it and light it. But what special steps do you have to take for live production? And if you're completely new to this (a lot of people are) here's where to start.

We'll have top players in the industry, and a panel discussion so that you can ask questions to the experts.

What happens at the event

We'll have a complete streaming workflow set up, from a multicamera shoot, to NewTek's latest Tricaster console, and featuring Sony cameras, with BirdDog NDI converters. All video connections will be via the wildly popular NDI network. We'll show you how this is done and you can talk to the experts. 

About an hour into the event, you can take your seats for our panel discussion, with streaming and live production experts. And of course, we'll be streaming this live. There'll be plenty of time to ask questions to the panel.

And as if it couldn't get any better, we'll provide you with free food and drinks. 

People at RSC event .png

People attending a RedShark Connect event in Burbank in February 2019

These are our partners at the event on June 25th


You always need post production around your live production - to make content for social media and to make a final, definitive version that you can share. But Adobe also has an amazing live animation system that you can even send over a network to a live stream (this has to be seen to be believed!). This is a fantastic way to make your streaming content stand out.


BirdDog makes the bits you need to connect to NewTek's NDI network - the video over IP standard that's taking over the industry. Essential if you're putting together a modern live streaming environment. Thoughtfully designed equipment that's guaranteed to make your video setups rock.


Masters of the IP domain and inventors of NDI, which is the industry-leading method for moving video over a network. We'll be demonstrating NewTek products including the Tricaster, which is not only a complete live production system but is fluent in NDI, and is the perfect hub for live streaming productions.


Sony has thousands of man-years experience of digital video, so it's no surprise to see that it has the ideal cameras and production equipment for live streaming.

See you in Berlin!

The RedShark Team

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