A lovely illustration of how to explain how something works. We need more of this!

Written by David Shapton

YouTube channel owner Opificio SonicoLego Sequencer

Wouldn't it be nice if every process could be made this explicitly easy to understand? Debayering explained with Lego, anyone? 

 Here's a video of something that's nothing to do with video, except that it's a type of technology. 

But the way that this video makes the way a sequencer works completely obvious - to the extent that no verbal explanation is needed - is wonderful. 

The tech in question is a sequencer: a device that plays notes in a pre-arranged order This happens on several parallel "tracks" and forms the basis of many modern types of music, but - stripped bare - it's fundamentally the way that Techno works. 

Well done to YouTube user Optico Sonico for building this and performing in the video. 

And thanks to Ask Audio for bringing this to our attention.

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