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Live Production and Streaming for video makers: RedShark Connect, London, TOMORROW! (Last Chance to register)

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RedShark MediaRedShark Connect, London, Spring 2019

Here's a crucial event for anyone involved in live production for streaming. RedShark's latest Connect event is on 27th March in Central London. Almost all (free) tickets are gone. This is your LAST CHANCE to register.

Live streaming is booming. It's hardly surprising - because the ability to stream live to the entire globe (or even simply the building you're in!) is an incredibly powerful communications tool. Couple this with the accessibility and low cost of video equipment today and you have - essentially - a brand new medium, with an awful lot that's familiar about it. 

RedShark's previous Connect event, in Los Angeles, February 2019

What's familiar is that you need content, and, to a large extent, you probably know how to make that: how to shoot it and light it. But what special steps do you have to take for live production? And if you're completely new to this (a lot of people are) here's where to start. We'll have top players in the industry, including:


Showing PTZ (remote controllable) cameras and their new AG-CX350 camcorder: all equipped with NDI for direct network connection to switchers and streaming devices.


Masters of the IP domain and inventors of NDI, which is the industry-leading method for moving video over a network. We'll be demonstrating NewTek products including the Tricaster, which is not only a complete live production system but is fluent in NDI, and is the perfect hub for live streaming productions.


LiveU takes the hassle and the risk from live streaming. Massively simplifying the process of setting up a live stream, it also mitigates risk and boosts quality by automatically sharing multiple network connections - even mixing wired, WiFi and cellular!

Audio Network

Don't forget that you need music in live productions! For stings, as a background to b-roll, intros, outros and any time when the use of carefully selected music makes your production slicker or smoother. BTW - a very big thanks to Audio Network for letting us use their gorgeous central London premises for this RedShark Connect.


You always need post production around your live production - to make content for social media and to make a final, definitive version that you can share. But Adobe also has an amazing live animation system that you can even send over a network to a live stream (this has to be seen to be believed!).

What you'll learn

  • What's the best way to maximise the impact of your productions?
  • What are the most important differences when you're preparing for live TV as opposed to a recorded video?
  • What essential steps - and what precautions - should you take?
  • And how do you get that stream out there? Even in adverse conditions?

So many questions - and, if you come to RedShark Connect - so many answers. 

And it gets better. We'll be hosting our own live program direct from the event (details to follow). If you're there in person, you can ask our expert panel questions.

Oh, and there's free snacks and drinks. What's not to like? 

RedShark Connect in Hatton Garden on Wednesday 27th March, from 6:30 - 9:30pm.

If you're able to come, it's easy to register. Click here to go through to our EventBrite page. 

We look forward to seeing you!


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