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Podcast: The past, present and future of live streaming, We talk to Gordon Daily, CEO of Boxcast

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ShutterstockScreaming Into the Hurricane Podcast

In Episode 2 of our podcast, we look at the rapidly expanding field of Live Streaming

There's almost no better illustration of the way technology is growing than live streaming. Just a few years ago, setting up a live stream was technically very difficult, it was expensive, and the results were frequently underwhelming, to say the least. It was only the fact that to be able to do it at all seemed like a miracle that made it worthwhile. 

Today, everything's different. You can live stream to the globe from anywhere with broadband. 


Gordon Daily, CEO, Boxcast

But you still can't take it for granted. It still has the potential to be complicated, and, worse than that, to go wrong completely, at the worst possible moment. You'd expect nothing less from live television. 

We talk to Gordon Daily, CEO of all-in-one streaming solution Boxcast, a combination of hardware and a service that's designed to take care of all the hard stuff. Gordon's been in the streaming busines since the start, and he's a mine of information. 

(Streaming Into the Hurricane is a regular podcast for RedShark Media by David Shapton, Editor-in-Chief of RedShark and Kevin Bourke of Bourke PR)

Listen to Episode 2 of "Screaming Into The Hurricane" below: 


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