Here's RedShark's new Podcast - Episode 1: From Vinyl to iPads via Moore's Law

Written by David Shapton

ShutterstockScreaming Into the Hurricane Podcast

We have so many great conversations at RedShark that we thought we'd try to capture some of the ideas floating around and turn them into podcasts. Here's the first of our "Screaming into the Hurricane" series with RedShark Editor David Shapton in the UK and Kevin Bourke of Bourke PR in America 

One of the best things about working at RedShark is that we have the most amazing conversations. We've decided to capture some of these and turn them into Podcasts. 

Here's the first one (below) featuring David Shapton, Editor-in-Chief, RedShark, and Kevin Bourke, Owner of Bourke PR. The arc of our conversation stretches between vinyl records to iPads. 

Please do have a listen, and let us know if there are any subjects you'd like us to cover in future editions. 

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