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Lightworks for Linux : First-ever official full-length demo

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Lightworks/Editshare/RedSharkLightworks for Linux

RedShark's very lucky because we share an office building (and a parent company, EditShare) with one of the most talked-about products in the world of video: Lightworks. We're editorially independent of Lightworks and EditShare, but it certainly helps when we can can sit down next to the developers, product and technical support managers and say "how about making an exclusive for RedShark: the first-ever full-length official demo of Lightworks for Linux"

The Beta release of Lightworks for Linux is now very close. Until now, only the Alpha version has been seen by anyone outside the Lightworks team, but that was a closed-community test.

We asked Matt Sandford, Lightworks' Global Product manager to introduce the video:

Here's the first official video of the only professional-level video editor for Linux. We wanted to show this is a world class editor with all the power of Lightworks from the Windows version now available on the Linux platform.  This is the next step in creating a true multi-platform editing system with the Mac version coming soon.

Kudos to Iain Churchill-Coleman from the Lightworks Technical team for putting this fantastic demo together for us.

Finally, don't forget that the first public preview of Lightworks for OS X, the Mac OS, will be at the EditShare booth at NAB this April



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