RED Hydrogen: Everything we know so far

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REDSetting the cat amongst the pigeons once more...

After a week or so of fevered speculation as to what exactly its mysterious new product was going to be, RED dropped the news that it would be launching Hydrogen, a smartphone with an innovative holographic display, at the beginning of next year. Here is all our coverage of Hydrogen to date.

First, the speculation. On 27 June, RED's Jim Jannard posted the fact that the company was about to make a major announcement. "Have your credit card ready." he wrote. Backtrack and read more about it here: Looks like RED is up to something *really* big

Next, the launch. At 9am PST on Thursday 6 July, the REDUser forum ground to a halt as Jannard revealed the details of Hydrogen, the company's brand new smartphone with an innovative - and still somewhat mysterious - holographic display. RED unveils dramatic new smartphone called Hydrogen

Following that, the analysis, and our initial reaction to the announcement. RED Hydrogen: Does this change the game for smartphones? 

And lastly, for the moment at least, some further details supplied later by Jannard, such as the fact that Hydrogen is definitely not powered by a lenticular display. RED Hydrogen: Jannard fills in further details

Undoubtedly, given the way that RED's marketing arm likes to operate, there will be further information drip-fed over the forthcoming months. At the moment we're betting that pre-production models won't break cover until next year at either CES or Mobile World Congress, but RED is good at keeping everyone guessing and throwing curveballs wherever possible. But certainly, as soon as anyone gets to have a look at that display, we'll let you know.


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