Presenting Cassie, the robot

Written by David Shapton

Agility RobotsCassie the Robot

Agility Robots is a spinoff from Oregon State University. The company has developed a remarkably agile two-legged robot that's able to handle rough terrain and even survive being kicked sideways. Their nicely made promo movie caught our eye.


What caught our eye is that Agility's promotional video looks so good. We don't know how it was shot; possibly a Sony FS7 or something like that. There are also some effective drone shots. Overall, it looks incredibly sharp!

So, that's it really. We're so used to seeing grainy videos with flat lighting from university research projects that this is a welcome change. Not that this video is made for academic purposes. We suspect it's this good because it is intended to attract investment from some of the big guys.

Thanks to The Verge for bringing this to our attention.

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