Sony's prototypes from CES: 4k media player and camcorder

Written by RedShark News Staff

Sony/RedSharkSony 4K consumer Camcorder

Just a few blurry shots but here's Sony's prototype 4K media player - and a shot in video of the 4K consumer camcorder


For the first time, here's a very brief shot of a prototype of Sony's new 4K media player, and of the 4K consumer camcorder. (It's at the end of this video) The 4K media player is interesting for us because we predicted that it would actually be one and the same thing as the Playstation 4. So, either this is the first look at the shape of the Playstation 4, or we were wrong. Or we were right and that this is just a stopgap "conceptual" device because Sony doesn't want to reveal Playstation 4 just yet. It's all guesswork at this stage but no less intriguing for that!


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