LaCie XtremKey survives being fried; doesn't survive spell-checker.

Written by David Shapton

LaCieLaCie XtremKey in deep-fat fryer

Digital content storage experts LaCie are very proud of the fact that you can deep-fry their XtremKey USB drive without killing it. And you can understand why: just think of the number of times that you've dropped storage into a deep-pan fryer. That alone should tell you how much you need one of these indestructible flash drives

Precious Shots

You certainly would want one if your precious shots are going to be subject to any sort of physical or environmental abuse.

You can tell they had fun doing this, but don't try it yourself. Especially with anything that isn't enclosed in a metal, watertight and heat-resistant container.

All of which leaves one very important question: Why are those fries so orange?


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