4K ultra slo-mo is now a reality

Written by Andy Stout


We have long argued that live 4K sports broadcast is one of the keys to mass market adoption of the format, so the introduction of the I-MOVIIX X10 UHD, the first 4K slow motion system to support both continuous super slow motion (SSM) and ultra slow motion (USM) at framerates of up to 1000fps, is an important step.

The new unit marries the core X10 ultra-motion technology with Vision Research’s Phantom Flex4K camera. For very high-frame rate ultra-slow motion in 4K sports coverage, the system operates in USM mode to deliver instant replays of up to 1000fps, while for continuous non-stop recording, SSM mode delivers up to 120fps at 4Kp60. Step the unit down to HD resolutions (1080p or 1080i) and its processing grunt offers up to 600fps in continuous SSM mode, and up to 2000fps in USM mode.

Continuous SSM has been a real boon for sports productions, ensuring that there is normally some slo mo of almost any event occurring in a game. Even more usefully, the system can also operate in a conventional live camera mode, enabled here by the Phantom’s three main 3G HD-SDI outputs, which can be configured as independent 4:4:4 1080p signals or used together to supply a dual-link 4K output while maintaining a live HD signal. This means that productions don't have to sacrifice a normal camera position for the slo mo units, important when trying to minimise seat kill in a stadium.
It’s an important area, so we don’t expect it to remain the world’s first for long…

Read about the Vision Research Phantom Flex


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