Apertus Axiom - The Open Source Camera: More details on the Open Module Concept

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Apertus/RedSharkApertus Axiom: The modular camera

The people at Apertus are still stressing very strongly that this is just a concept. But what a concept! It's like Meccano for cameras, but with real camera parts. And the good news, is that this isn't a concept that's going away

Apertus has today published a new graphic showing how their modular camera system will work. You can see how this differs from "conventional" modular cameras in that every significant part is replaceable. It's such a flexible idea. For example, the swappable lens mount will allow you to use PL, C-Mount, Leica M, Leica R, B4, Canon EF, Canon FD, F-Mount, Panavision and more.

You'll be able to swap optical filters - IR cut-off, OLPF, etc, and a changeable image sensor will allow you to choose diameter, resolution, and whether it's stereo 3D optimised.

Axiom Open Source Camera

The original concept

Sebastian Pichelhofer from Apertus says

"We also want to make the lens mount base itself interchangeable. This will mean that anyone can manufacture their own lens mounts (utilizing CNC mills or 3D printers as an example) or buy existing mounts from various sources."

 You can read the full details about the concept here

As we said in this article, the video industry is changing so quickly, that a device like the Apertus Axiom concept is, in future, going to be absolutely the best way to keep up with the rapid changes.

Here's our original coverage.

We'll bring you more as we get it.

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