Sometimes a new product comes along that's kind of "Well, that's really cool, but... what did I just see?"

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Patchblocks fits snugly into this category. It's something that's so different, you almost have to sit down and wonder what is going on here. But the more you think about this, the better it gets. Here's what it is, and what it does

Patchblocks is a modular synthesiser system. Nothing remarkable about that  -  the basic idea is around 50 years old. But new electronic and software techniques now mean that when we say "modular", we really mean it.

Because with Patchblocks, you can buy individual modules, connect them together in any combination you like, and they will act as if they're all part of one system.

The best thing is that each module is programmable from a "host" computer. In essence, from the configuration software ("visual programming") you can configure the "personality" of each of the modules.

You can connect them together with traditional synth patch chords, or digitally for a loss-free audio pathway.

This really is a quite amazing concept. It could also be applied to video processing, of course, and it would be an amazing way to work - with 100% customisable modules and a control surface.

We think this is just the start of a trend towards more configurable equipment and control devices.

And it's extremely hard to see where this might all end.  We can't wait.

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Introductory Video


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