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We think Digital Bolex is a great idea whatever else happens

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Digital BolexDigital Bolex


The time when you can go out and buy a Digital Bolex D16 is getting closer

One thing you could never accuse the Digital Bolex team of is secrecy. Theirs has been the most open, transparent and frank account we've ever seen of a camera development project.

And while other cameras have been conceived, developed, refined and shipped in less time than the D16, the Digital Bolex device remains focused on its original aims: to provide an accessible device that will capture gorgeous images. Added to this - to the delight of many enthusiasts - is the ability to record high quality (and high sample-rate, even up to 96KHz) audio.

As we recently reported, It looks like development is pretty advanced now. They're going to freeze their firmware development in the next couple of weeks: that sounds like a significant landmark. Colour calibration has improved enormously and the camera has been tested in extreme temperatures.

The Digital Bolex device is something that, strictly, logically, isn't necessary. But it's no less important for that. It's an artisan product. It's there because it's a good thing in itself and that's because it demonstrates craft and dedication in a package that is good to own and - we hope - good to use.

We'll let you know as soon as the shipping date is announced, and we're really looking forward to getting our hands on one of these unique cameras.

Have a look at the Digital Bolex blog for all the details.

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