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The Opposite of Precision

1 minute read

15four.comLens Whacking

Who needs lens adaptors?

With so many lens systems out there, and so many cameras, this had to happen, eventually. "Lens whacking" is the somewhat unscientific technique of specifically not using a lens adaptor to connect non-native lenses to video cameras.

In place of the usual precision component, these guys at 15four.com have substituted plastic bags and duct tape.

It sounds horrendous, and it is, but, the way in which it is, is sometimes amazing. Light leaks, blurry edges, colour casts: these are all things that precision optical rigging is supposed to minimise. But, when you take the proper parts away, what you're left with is often rubbish, but, just sometimes, magical.

This is always going to be a bit hit and miss, but that's true of all types of art - especially when it's as experimental as this.

And at almost zero cost, what have you got to loose?

Here's 15four.com's video showing their technique (below) and here's their detailed tutorial.



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