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AdobeAdobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe rolled out the most recent Premiere Pro Creative Cloud update over the summer, and they’re already planning the next update, which will be significant, this October. They’re promising over 150 new features and improvements, one of the benefits of the Creative Cloud experience. Some of those features include support for RED Dragon 6K footage, 64 bit ProRes decoding and more

One great new feature is Direct Link which will allow editors to save a project they’re editing in Premiere Pro CC and open it in its entirety in SpeedGrade for colour grading, without any sort of conversion needed. SpeedGrade now takes full advantage of the Mercury Playback Engine, so if your NLE has the power under the hood, you’ll be colour grading much faster.

As CES, NAB and IBC 2013 showed, 4K is on the rise in both the professional and consumer market. It may be a couple more years before we see a huge output of 4K and higher broadcast, but right now many films and television shows are shooting in ultra high definition (UHD) on cameras like RED, Sony’s F55 and others. The latest update to Premiere Pro CC provides UHD support, including footage shot with the new RED Dragon sensor.

Premiere Pro CC is adding native support to many popular codecs, including 64 bit ProRes, Sony RAW, Cinema DNG, Panasonic AVC Ultra (Long GOP), Phantom Cine, Canon 1DC MJPG improvements, Sony XAVC Long GOP and more. Adobe also says there are several new exported codecs including Sony’s XAVC (up to 4K resolution). You can also edit with proxies on a lower-powered machine, then go full-resolution via easy re-linking when finalizing the cut.


Adobe also is introducing the Prelude Live Logger app, which allows you to write notes and log shots while on set with an iPad. Then, via Creative Cloud, you can merge those notes with the footage captured with Prelude. It’s a great way to streamline the production process.

There are a host of other new features and improvements, including enhanced multicam workflows, better support for third-party plug-ins, single-click frame hold, a back button in the Media Browser, faster JKL speeds, the ability to send multiple sequences and clips to Adobe Media Encoder, selectable audio channels during QuickTime export, a composite view in editing, Monitor Overlays, and more.

As the Premiere Pro CC user base grows over the past three years, some significant filmmakers are jumping onboard, including the Coen Brothers, who are using it to cut their next film. In addition, more films and TV commercials are being cut on Premiere Pro, and according the Adobe, a Calvin Klein spot shot in 120p on the RED. Many projects are using the apps found Creative Cloud, including Photoshop CC and After Effects CC.

The next update to Adobe Premiere Pro CC will be available in October 2013 via Creative Cloud, along with updates to After Effects CC, Prelude CC, SpeedGrade CC, Adobe Story CC, and Adobe Media Encoder CC.

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