New iPhone 5S is 56 x faster than the original iPhone

Written by RedShark News Staff

AppleiPhone 5S

New iPhone 5S - just announced - is 56 times faster than the original iPhone

We have just been watching Apple's iPhone presentation and one thing struck us above all else. The iPhone 5S is 56 times faster than the original. That's 56 times faster in just six years.

This may be the best evidence yet (presented to more people than ever before) that the rate of progress in technology is increasing exponentially.

You only have to look at what's happening all around us in our industry (and probably in every industry) to realise that you can no longer predict the technological future more than a year in advance. And certainly not six years!

All of which makes it an interesting excercise to wonder what the world will be like in ten year's time?

We'll have a full report of tonight's Apple announcements which we'll publish ASAP.

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