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Panasonic's 4K tablet soon to be available

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Panasonic/RedSharkPanasonic's 20

4K on a tablet? You'd need a big one for that, wouldn't you? Absolutely right. That's exactly what Panasonic has just built.

First seen at January's CES show in Las Vegas, this monstrous 20" tablet is soon to be launched in Europe and is expected to be used by artists, architects, the motor industry and any design-oriented company that needs to show its products in extremely high detail, interactively.

It has a battery

Battery life is not amazing at two hours (although some people are reporting up to six), but that's long enough for most presentations and it's not unreasonable to have to plug something this size into the mains.

For video producers, it's probably one of the best and most portable ways to see 4K videos in their true resolution.

The 3840 x 2560 tablet runs Windows 8 and is probably powerful enough, with an Intel i5 processor and it does have NVIDIA GeForce GT 745M graphics to drive all those pixels.

Internal storage is 256 GB and there's 8 MB RAM


We're hearing between $4,000 and $6,000, so this probably won't be one that you buy for all the kids at Christmas.

As soon as we get one, we'll review it.

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