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Symply expands disk, tape, and cloud product offering

Clockwise from top left: the new SymplyAURA, SymplySPARK 4 Bay, and SymplyPRO XTL
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Clockwise from top left: the new SymplyAURA, SymplySPARK 4 Bay, and SymplyPRO XTL

A busy NAB Show 2024 ahead for Symply with the announcement of the SymplyPRO XTL Tape Libraries, SymplySPARK and SPARK XT 4-bay desktop transportable RAIDs, and a single-server scalable object storage appliance, SymplyAURA.

Let’s start with the new SymplyPRO XTL Tape Libraries, which feature what the company says is the industry’s widest range of integrated interface options, including SAS, Fibre Channel, and uniquely Ethernet, and Thunderbolt 3. That helps them to suit all requirements from small compact entry level libraries up to enterprise-class modular tape libraries.

They offer support for the latest LTO generations, including LTO-7, LTO-8, and LTO-9, with configurations available from compact 8-slot to the aforementioned enterprise-class 80-slot models. Modular 40- and 80-slot libraries simplify the process of expanding storage capacity and adding LTO drives as storage needs evolve.

The SymplySPARK 4-bay Desktop Transportable RAID, meanwhile, is built on the popular SymplySPARK 8-bay Thunderbolt 3 RAID.  The new 4-bay model is even more compact and transportable, whilst remaining rugged and whisper quiet.  Smaller than its peers, SPARK 4-bay models incorporate a robust carry handle for easy handling while featuring full user serviceability of HDDs, the fan, and the power supply.

The award-winning SPARK XT is also available in the new 4-bay form-factor, incorporating the latest Seagate MACH.2 18TB multi-actuator drives and providing the sort of performance that would normally be associated with competitive 8-bay products. The company promises that this is going to dramatically increase the speed at which content can be backed up from camera cards on set

And finally, for now at least, SymplyAURA offers a single-server appliance solution designed to meet the evolving needs of modern enterprises. AURA empowers customers to swiftly deploy a “plug & play” S3 object storage repository, catering to both active archive and backup requirements with enhanced efficiency and security.  Built on16th-gen software and deployed and orchestrated on integrated Kubernetes, AURA can start with a single appliance and customers can scale capacity via the addition of appliances as required, all with no software or hardware-imposed limitations.

“We’re excited to expand our Disk, Tape and Cloud portfolio in line with our customers’ needs” said Keith Warburton, CEO at Symply. “Customers were having to look elsewhere for certain solutions and weren’t receiving the quality of product and level of support they had been accustomed to with Symply. Our new SymplyPRO XTL Tape Libraries with their native connectivity options, alongside 4-bay SPARK models and AURA object storage for private cloud deployments, show we are always listening to our customers.”

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