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Super-massive IBC2023 news round-up - Part 3

The forthcoming Rotolight Anova Pro 3. Anyone else getting Stranger Things vibes? No, just me? Carry on
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The forthcoming Rotolight Anova Pro 3. Anyone else getting Stranger Things vibes? No, just me? Carry on

It's the last day of IBC2023 today, and enough has happened out in Amsterdam to fill the site for at least another week. Here's a quick round-up of things that can still be seen at the show.

Let’s start with Ikegami (12.A31) and a camera making its European debut. The Ikegami UHK-X600 is the latest extension to the company’s UNICAM XE product lineup, is designed for use in studio or OB applications, and allows battery-powered over-the-shoulder location production. It incorporates three 2/3-inch oversampling UHD CMOS sensors with global shutter, while standard features include full support for HDR (Hybrid Log Gamma) with the ability to select between BT.2020 and BT.709 colour spaces. Various HD frame rates are standard, while an optional permanent license key is available to add 3840x2160@50P, 59.96p operation when required. A high frame rate option can be added via a license key to allow 2x, 3x and 4x speed in HD.

ikegami UHK-X600

We also like the look of the compact and lightweight Ikegami UHL-F4000, which is designed for use in applications such as aerial video capture and studio robotics. It features high-sensitivity sensors for broadcast quality colour video across a wide range of night or day conditions, while the camera head uses three 2/3-inch CMOS global shutter sensors to capture natural images completely clear of geometric distortion and flash band effects. The UHL-F4000 comes delivered in a two-piece configuration (small and lightweight camera head, plus a separate processing unit) to allow installation even in very critical environments, such as a gimbal mount for helicopter applications.

Disguise (catch them on the INFiLED stand 2.B43 as well as other locations throughout the RAI) has been highlighting the latest version of its Porta 2.2 graphics controller that serves as a single platform for combining CG, MOS newsroom templates, augmented reality (AR) and extended reality (xR) alongside existing broadcast workflows and tools. New features include native compatibility with Unreal 5.3, ensuring users get the latest updates instantaneously without having to take any actions;  Studio Visualisation and Design tools allowing them to configure technical aspects while previsualising the studio's look with a simplified workflow; and an improved UI.

VEGAS (which you can find alongside Boris FX on the Dell stand - 7.A60) is demonstrating the newly launched VEGAS Pro 21 and the custom planar tracking tool plug-in designed by Boris, Mocha for VEGAS. It also has what it reckons is an industry-first new subscription model. Called 365+, if customers decide to cancel their subscription after two years, they are entitled to get a perpetual license for the latest version of their product. With this, they can keep using VEGAS Pro for as long as they like, so they will never lose access to their projects. No other content creation platform in the industry offers this level of flexibility for their subscriptions.

PR - Mocha


The Anova Pro 3 is, reckons Rotolight (12.A14), the most advanced light the company has ever produced. This is more of a tease than anything, as the light doesn't even go live on Kickstarter until October 12, when the full range of features will be announced. But even what we know so far is intriguing. It’s billed as an “all-weather powerhouse”, is a 1x1 production LED light, boasts a new custom-designed LED optic system, outputs 22,000+ lux, and includes a range of “revolutionary, industry-first features and unparalleled versatility for broadcasters, filmmakers, and content creators everywhere.” Count us intrigued.


The Motion Impossible AGITO (12.G48) is one of our favourite bits of kit, and we’re delighted to see a second-generation model hove into view. The AGITO GEN 2 comes with a host of new features and futureproof system controls, operates with silent steering and enables crews to capture intimate, high-stakes scenes without distracting noises. The expanded I/O features more ports and power options to maximise creative flexibility for existing and future tech. Meanwhile, extra intelligence capabilities, such as operational telemetry to intuitive controls, allow for a smoother and smarter workflow.  

What's more, it’s paired with an equally next-generation Master Controller, which adds Ethernet control, haptic feedback, a built-in precision tower or column control rocker, a bigger screen and is IP54 rated, making it dust and water-resistant. 


We’ve not talked much about sustainability at this show, but it’s a subject that makes a big background noise, and there's a lot to come on the subject over the next few months. So it’s interesting to see the likes of Accedo (5.F40) launch a new initiative in the shape of adding sustainability targets into its Accedo ONE Marketplace. This will include five key criteria for listed vendors allowing customers to browse through a company’s commitments to: DPP Committed to Sustainability Program; SBTi committed or approved targets; CDP score; UN Global Compact membership; and Sustainability report (availability of annual report). ESG — Environmental, Social, Governance — will become a key driver over the next few years, and people will well demand to know who they are doing business with on a greatly expanded range of criteria beyond the usual price/performance considerations.

You can’t launch a new camera without a whole fleet of third parties rushing to market with accessories for it, and one of the first out of the gate for the Sony Burano has been Chrosziel (12.A42). New listings in its catalogue for high-end documentary, run-and-gun production include a Sony Burano Mount Adapter to PL with built-in electronics and ENG lens communication; a Sony Burano two-unit top plate; Lightweight shoulder support for the Sony Burano camera; Bridge plate for heavy lens setups; Side brackets for the Sony Burano camera;  Precise Zoom control for the Sony Burano camera handgrip. 

chrosziel burano


As far as minimal design goes, difficult to beat the understated ergonomics of RTW’s new TouchControl 5 (8.D75). TouchControl 5 is a monitor controller and audio meter with an intuitive user interface and a small footprint that preserves valuable desktop real estate; featuring a 5” touchscreen, as well as a rotary knob that also functions as a push button for easy access to dim or mute functions. The user can customise the screen layout via a browser-based application, and TouchControl 5 can control up to 32 AoIP audio channels, making it compatible with audio formats from mono to immersive within a Dante audio network.  Right out of the box, TouchControl 5 comes with basic 4x4 Level Control, Simple Fader, 2x2 or 4x1 Control and on the metering side, Basic PPM with True Peak and Phase, with additional licenses unlocking additional functions.

rtw touchcontrol 5


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