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Honda donating digital projectors to Drive-In theatres

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Honda/RedsharkProject Drive-In

As distribution of 35mm film prints comes to an end many Drive-In movie theaters are facing closure as they cannot afford the cost of upgrading to digital projection. Honda USA has launched a campaign to save the Drive-In and is promising to donate 5 digital projectors to Drive-Ins chosen by the public

The Drive-In movie theater is a relic of a bygone age but it is a part of American heritage. There are less than 400 Drive-Ins still in operation in the US and now most of those are threatened with extinction as the movie distributors are switching to digital distribution only.

With the cost of upgrading to Digital Projection at around $80,000 most Drive-Ins cannot afford it and will be forced to close.

Honda USA has launched "Project Drive In", a campaign to make people aware of the threat to their local Drive-In. They are asking for votes for Drive-Ins across the country and the 5 with the most votes will receive digital projection equipment from Honda.

As a Brit I was fortunate enough to visit the Sunset Drive-in Theater in San Louis Obispo, California. I had a great time and I think it would be a great shame if the Drive-In went the way of the Dinosaur. 

Check out the video from Honda on the next page.

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