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Tractor-powered 4G

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EEWhere there's muck there's...4G

As stunts go, it's a good one. UK mobile provider EE had already stated that it was going to provide on-site 4G wireless internet for Glastonbury festival goers on its network, now it's saying that it will have a converted tractor touring the site acting as a mobile 4G hotspot.

The tractor is one of Glastonbury site Worthy Farm’s New Holland eco tractors converted specially for the purpose and the company says the signal will be accessible within a 10 metre radius from the cab. It will also be regularly tweeting the tractor’s location throughout the weekend via its Twitter account. Which to us at least holds out the delightful prospect of smartphone wielding web junkies trudging after it Pied Piper-like through the Somerset mud while they try and download the last few minutes of that episode of Game of Thrones they missed...


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