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State of the art storage from Symply

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IBC sees the launch of two new products from Symply, the WORKSPACE XE desktop combination of NAS ease and SAN performance, and SymplyPERIFERY, high end storage designed to protect its data for genuine eons.

WORKSPACE XE is a new all-in-one portable desktop collaborative storage appliance that combines the ease of ethernet/network connectivity with the block-level performance provided by a SAN. It boasts a compact, rugged, metal-alloy design, which crucially also offers comprehensive field serviceability, that helps make it at home both on set or in the studio.

It comes with dual 25GbE/10GbE and four GbE ports as standard, while additional 10GbE and 25GbE ports can be added, enabling users to direct connect numerous clients without the need or cost for network switches in smaller workgroups. Storage configurations are also versatile with all-HDD, all-NVMe or Hybrid options on offer and capacity ranging from 48TB to 160TB

It’s highly resilient, with options for RAID 5 or RAID 6 to ensure data protection, hot-swap disk modules, enterprise grade hard drives and NVMe drives, and hot-swappable redundant SSD for the OS and software apps.

It also features advanced user and project management and natively supports Avid workflows, while seamless integration with SymplyNEBULA and other public cloud services allows WORKSPACE XE to effortlessly scale capacity into the cloud.

WORKSPACE XE pricing will start from $/€ 9995 and begin shipping late 2022.

Perifery offers deep time storage

SymplyPERIFERY, meanwhile, builds on Symply’s NEBULA cloud service and offers customers an in-facility appliance that is S3 cloud native. PERIFERY provides unlimited scalability, embedded application support, and both tape and public cloud connectivity. Symply bills it as truly the last media archive you’ll ever need, offering cost-predictability, fast accessibility, and long-term content protection.

How long-term? The company claims that mean time to data loss (MTTDL) can now be measured on the scale of eons — 27,000 years to be precise for a single cluster.

Built on parallel architecture, PERIFERY appliances scale linearly to add capacity and performance. It uses advanced erasure coding algorithms to provide high data durability, data integrity checking, self-healing, and auto-balancing. Embedded application support out of the box will be initially offered with StorageDNA DNAfabric, Tiger Technology Bridge, and axle.ai.

PERIFERY is not just aimed at the media and entertainment industry, but does support a wide range of media-friendly features including the increasingly vital multi-tenancy, partial restore, and the ability to deliver or stream content direct from source to any S3 HTTP connected device or cloud service provider. Wide industry interoperability is also featured, with the archive designed to seamlessly integrate into any workflow pipeline, supporting popular cloud, NAS, and SAN file systems as well as any open NFS/SMB file systems.

Featuring an easy auto-retire feature and auto-rebalancing functionality PERIFERY makes hardware refreshes as simple as the click of a button (“Never migrate your data again,” says the company), while the company also states that it can recover from drive failures 25x faster than traditional RAID storage

This is all very high-end stuff and, as a result, SymplyPERIFERY appliances start from $/€ 99,995, providing 576 TB with 3-years software subscription and hardware support. Shipments start in Q4 2022.

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