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Sony previews BVM-HX3110 flagship 4K HDR reference monitor

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The forthcoming BVM-HX3110 from Sony is a premium 30.5-inch 4K HDR professional monitor for critical evaluation, colour grading, live production and post work.

Sony’s latest BVM-HX3110 TRIMASTER HX reference monitor boasts a new panel technology for improved brightness while maintaining pristine black reproduction as well as an optional fast pixel response mode for reduced motion blur

 It features a Sony-designed dual layer anti-reflection LCD panel with Sony proprietary signal processing, supporting a higher peak luminance of up to 4000cd/m² while maintaining no-compromise deep blacks. It introduces a new optional fast pixel response mode for reduced motion blur, and also provides a wider viewing angle, as well as a standard IP interface for SMPTE ST2110 signals

The monitor’s new standard toolset incorporates Waveform Monitor/Vector Scope (WF/VS), false colour, focus assist, closed captioning, 3D LUT processing, and quad and side-by-side viewing modes, among other valuable features. In addition to fast pixel response, supplemental benefits include support for JPEG-XS as well as Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) through optional licenses. Additional optional licenses enable tools such as HDR/SDR conversion and a user 3D LUT signal-output.   

It's a nice specced piece of kit but, as no monitor works in a vacuum, crucially also utilises the same colour gamut and works seamlessly alongside several of Sony’s monitors such as the complementary and well-established BVM-HX310, as well as the PVM-X and LMD-A series monitors. There is also another newbie in the list in the shape of the just-announced LMD-A180, an 18.4-inch HD HDR high grade picture monitor with a wide colour gamut. Aimed primarily at on-set monitoring, the LMD-A180 can also be rack mounted for general monitoring purposes, and either way replaces the LMD-A170 monitor.

The BVM-HX3110 is expected to be available in November 2023, while the LMD-A180 is planned to come to market at a rather vaguer 'some point in the autumn'. No word on pricing as yet, but as a guide the BVM-HX310 will currently set you back well over $25,000 and the LMD-A170 can be currently had for $2695.


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