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Sony opens new Virtual Production space at Pinewood Studios

Sony's new Virtual Production space at Pinewood Studios
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Sony's new Virtual Production space at Pinewood Studios

A few month's ago, we witnessed Sony's Crystal-LED wall at ISE Barcelona and now Sony is marking the ten-year anniversary of its Digital Media Production Centre (DMPC) in Europe at Pinewood Studios with a first UK virtual production unit using the same Sony Crystal-LED technology

Following the opening of Sony's first virtual production studio in Europe in Paris back in  February, Sony has helped celebrate the tenth anniversary of its Pinewood Studios-based Digital Media Production Centre by dropping another one, this time into the UK production community.

The new state-of-the-art space has become part of the DMPC in Europe, one of the world’s leading destinations for makers of film, television and commercials. The centre allows broadcasters, production companies, and technicians time with Sony’s experts in cinematography. Having experience working on the world’s biggest motion pictures and tutor groups and individuals, Sony knows how to use the best technology in cinematography.

“Virtual Production is set to be the next technological step change for cinematographers, and we were keen to provide them with a space where they can learn and experiment with the opportunities offered by Virtual Production”, commented Will Newman, DMPC Manager at Sony. “There’s nothing really like getting hands-on, and we know that the combination of our VENICE cameras and  Crystal-LED screens are the perfect way to achieve excellent quality images.”


Sony VENICE on set

The opening of the studio in the DMPC premises brings together years of knowledge with the newest, cutting-edge technology. 4K cameras were the first products the DMPC showcased when it opened a decade ago, demonstrating both the advances in technology in the past ten years and the history the DMPC has of recognizing revolutionary changes early.

At the heart of British cinema, Pinewood Studios, filmmakers can now learn how to use virtual production as it becomes a critical part of the cinema industry with the world-renowned VENICE and VENICE 2. The space is pioneering in that it is always available for anyone from directors of photography to actors to walk in, test out Sony’s equipment and speak to experts about the best ways to use Sony technology. No appointment is needed!


Sony's Crystal-LED wall

Sony announced Virtual Production updates at NAB 2023 in Las Vegas. These include the introduction of the Virtual Production Tool Set, designed to tackle common problems with virtual production and to support quality In-Camera VFX. The key feature of the Tool Set is its Camera and Display Plugin feature, which uses Unreal Engine to connect the real and virtual worlds between hardware and software to design, visualise and refine the virtual production shots before going into the Virtual Production stage.

Learn more here about Sony and its virtual production here.


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