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Sony launches 8.6K VENICE 2

The new Sony VENICE 2. Image: Sony.
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The new Sony VENICE 2. Image: Sony.

Following the success of the original VENICE, Sony has added to the line with the 8.6K VENICE 2.

The Sony VENICE 2 is not replacing the original 6K camera, but it is instead adding to the line as a top tier version of the camera.

Although it looks similar to the original, and retains the same user interface, the VENICE 2 is smaller and lighter than the original, having placed the features of the AXS-R7 within the camera body, enabling internal recording of X-OCN and ProRes 4444 and 422HQ without requiring the external device.


Sony VENICE 2 specifications

The CMOS sensor on VENICE 2 is newly developed, with an active resolution of 8640x5760, and a claimed 16-stops of dynamic range. The increased resolution does not come at the expense of low light performance, however. It was explained to us at the briefing that VENICE 2 is in fact more sensitive than the first camera, with its base ISO rising to 800 (up from ISO500 in the original). The system is also a dual base ISO system, with the second circuit kicking in at ISO3200.

Users of the camera are not restricted to the 8.6K sensor block due to the interchangable system. The original 6K sensor block can be used on the new camera, however due to the differing datarates the 8.6K sensor block cannot be retrofitted to the original VENICE or the Rialto system. Placing the older 6K block within the new camera enables the use of higher frame rates if that is required.


The current maximum framerates of the VENICE 2 are as follows:-

- 3:2 
- 30FPS
- Full-Frame

- 17:9 
- 60FPS 
- Full-Frame

- 6:5 Anamorphic 
- 48FPS 
- Super 35 

- 17:9 
- 90FPS 
- Super 35

The VENICE 2 uses new 6.6Gbps AXS cards allowing the recording of 8K/60 imagery. The new cards can still be used with existing readers such as the AXS-AR3 Thunderbolt interface.


Other improvements to the camera over the original are:-

  • 4K output with LUT applied 
  • Improved 3D LUT processing to improve picture quality  
  • EI changes directly applied to S-Log3 outputs
  • LUT/ASC-CDL control via Ethernet/Wi-Fi  
  • Zoom to Fit (Full-Frame recording with 17:9/16:9 monitoring) operation  
  • Ethernet connector position changed to Camera Assistant side  
  • Lemo 2pin 12V output connector  
  • Internal microphone installed


It has been on the cards, and long discussed, but the 8.6K VENICE is here. The original has been used on many high profile features, and has gained not only a good reputation but almost an affection amongst MPs who love the colour science of the camera.

As we mentioned previously, VENICE 2 does not replace the original camera, but gives another option to the line-up, and also flexibility with the interchangeable sensor block. 8 stops of built in ND also makes the camera quick to work with, something that DPs fed back to Sony on.

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