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SmallRig launches $499 PH8 Professional Fluid Head

The SmallRig PH8 is lighter than its competitors at only 1.8kg / 3.9lb
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The SmallRig PH8 is lighter than its competitors at only 1.8kg / 3.9lb

SmallRig’s latest release, the PH8 Professional Fluid Head, is firmly targeted at the budget-friendly end of the market.

The new SmallRig Professional Fluid Head PH8 4287 is a pro-targeted fluid head that features an adjustable 6-step counterbalance system to provide precise adjustment of dynamic balance gears and can handle rigs up to 8kg / 17.6lb.

An adjustable 4-step hydraulic damping system enables swivel and tilt adjustment and provides smooth pan and tilt camera movement, which you would expect it to do. What is slightly more unusual is a newly developed Touch-and-Go quick-release mount plate design, which does not require alignment and SmallRig reckons is more efficient than traditional slide-in plates. 

A detachable telescopic handle allows rotation and can be attached to both left and right sides, making it suitable for any grip and easy to store at the same time. 

All in all, it’s a lightweight unit, quite a bit lighter than some of the other fluid heads on the market, coming in at only 1.8kg / 3.9lb.

It’s probably worth pointing out here that it’s neither sand-resistant nor dust-resistant. Handily though, it’s also compatible with both the Manfrotto 501PL Quick Release Plate and a 75mm / 2.9in Bowl Adapter. Price is $499 and availability is immediate.

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