Blackmagic Cinema Camera footage captured as ProRes

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Blackmagic/RedSharkBlackmagic Cinema Camera footage captured as ProRes

Blackmagic's original Cinema Camera continues to amaze, with some people likening it to a mini Arri Alexa. Most of what we've seen from the camera - understandably, has been from the raw footage, subsequently graded - sometimes heavily

For a change, here's some material that was shot directly into ProRes. It looks perhaps less like the output from a "cinema" camera but is nevertheless quite amazingly good. Even though the veil of Vimeo compression, you can see that the footage is sharp, contrasty and colourful.

This is a much easier mode to use with the camera than outputting "Raw" because you can drop the footage directly onto your NLE's timeline. And even though the footage won't necessarily have the same wide dynamic range as raw footage, it is still eminently gradable.

Camerawork by Anthony Chene, using Canon 24-70mm, Sigma 8-16mm, Canon 85mm.

"Some magical places filmed along the California coast from San Francisco to San Diego."

"The Blackmagic Camera is a really good camera, on this occasion I shot ProRes mode."


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