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14 year old makes astounding photographic art

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Every kid makes art. But Zev, AKA fiddle oak, has been making masterworks, all before his first driving lesson.

Several months ago, we profiled photographic artist Erik Johansson and his surreal compositions that recalled the works of M.C. Escher. His impressive TED talk offered insights into his process, using over 100 layers composited togather to bend the laws of physics and to confound the viewer's expectations. Needless to say, we were impressed by his art and captivated by his artistic vision manifest.

While Johansson is undoubtedly a bright talent, another artist has joined this conversation on contemporary surreal expressionism. And the new kid on the scene is...a kid.

Zev (unclear whether this is a first or last name), AKA fiddle oak, is a 14 year old art prodigy who clearly displays an uncommon maturity of technique and theme, as evidenced by his ongoing Little Folk series. In it, he plays with scale in much the same manner that Johanssen bends physical laws in his compositions. Yet Zev's greatest gift may be his willingness to fully explore the universe of his creation with a light, fanciful touch. The result is a catalogue of images that is at once immersive and subversive.

Depending on your diposition, news of a 14 year old artistic genius is either inspiring or a little depressing. Regardless of your feelings on the matter, check out Zev's Flickr gallery, and decide for yourself.

Zev (AKA fiddle oak) on Flickr

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